Contact: Mark Neugebauer
Tel.: 06221 97030

You can also do an internship in the supermarkets of our subsidiary aqb. These supermarkets are inclusion companies. This means that people with disabilities also work there. The shops in Heidelberg-Emmertsgrund, in Sandhausen and in Ketsch are REWE Nahkauf shops and REWE is their wholesale partner.

During your internship, you will have an opportunity to experience every type of work in a supermarket, for example setting up goods, checking, baking, checkout etc.

Contact: Bereichsleiter (area manager) Mark Neugebauer at vbi 06221 9703-0 or ask directly at one of the shops. Emmertsgrund Forum 5, Sandhausen Bahnhofstraße 1, Ketsch Gassenäckerstraße 2

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