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Hotel professional

Tel.: 06221 187990
E-Mail: mailto:ch.arndt@qube-heidelberg.de
Web: http://qube-hotel-heidelberg.de/

Hotel professionals, as the name suggests, work primarily in hotels, inns and pensions, but also in restaurants and cafés, catering trade or health clinics. In all these places, they take care of the well-being of guests in various areas. They take reservations, prepare guest rooms, plan staff deployment and perform tasks in the restaurant. Organizing events is also one of the tasks of a hotel professional. Imagine someone wants to celebrate his/her birthday together with 100 guests in a hotel. This requires a lot of organization. How many guest rooms are needed, how much staff is required in the kitchen, how many waiters are necessary...? Often travel agents ask at hotels because they need many hotel rooms at a certain time. Here hotel professionals negotiate with travel agents about prices and services included in an offer. Hotel professionals in bigger hotels are also responsible for marketing. You see, in this job you not only deal a lot with customers but also must work well in a team and have to be flexible in new application areas. Good mathematical skills are also important. You need them for accounting, issuing invoices and quote calculations. As many customers come from abroad you need to speak English very well. You also have to be good at German because you answer many requests and write to customers.

If you are interested in doing an internship in this diverse and exciting field, please apply now for an internship.

Office internship

Tel.: 06221 163418
E-Mail: mailto:beratung@mieterverein-heidelberg.de
Web: http://www.mieterbund-heidelberg.de


Would you like to know what it is like to work in an office? Do you enjoy making telephone calls, writing letters and emails, talking with customers etc.? Then an internship in our administration could be the right choice for you.

With us, it’s all about tenants’ rights. When tenants become members of our association, they then have access to a number of services here at our office in Heidelberg or at one of our other offices in the region. Our main service is legal advice provided by attorneys but we also answer general questions about renting flats and have a great deal of information material for our members.

Interested? Then please call us or write us an e-mail.

Best wishes,

The team of Mieterverein Heidelberg

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