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For many, even smaller businesses, it is increasingly difficult to find trainees. The numbers of those who take up an apprenticeship are continuously declining. One way to get to know potential trainees, to experience them in direct contact and, if necessary, to acquire them, is to offer internships. Internships represent one of the most important measures within the framework of professional orientation and are associated with numerous advantages for both the pupils and the company. For many young people, the company's regional approach to the internship is an important criterion, since it is strongly spatial Are bound. At the same time, in particular, many smaller local businesses are not known to young people.

Chances for companies

practice! offers companies the opportunity to attract attention and to set up internships. By means of optional information about the internship content or the basic conditions, an optimal fit between the company and the applicant is to be achieved. In order to address social needs and specific social groups, special categories have been created that filter out suitable internships. For example, you can specify whether the placement is also suitable for people with disabilities by providing accessibility information.
Moreover, traineeships for young refugees, who often fail to meet the grades for many training places due to language barriers, are a suitable tool to present themselves positively towards a potential employer. Since this target group needs intensive support during the internship, many companies refuse to hire young fugitives as trainees.

Register your company today and click on the "Suitable for young fugitives" button to create an internship and help young fugitives to develop a professional perspective.

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